if you have time for one museum in florence, come here.

off the beaten track, it is a quiet sanctuary away from the pounding corridors of the uffizzi, the palazzo vecchio, or the duomo. i’ve already mentioned the piazza san marco – on the edge of the city centre, where you catch the bus from to go to fiesole, which houses an old monastery turned museum in large part decorated by san marco, a monk who came down from fiesole. well, brace yourselves, because i’m about to let you peak inside.

As always, we start with a cloister.


but the frescoes on this one make it especially serene and beautiful.


loving those primary colours


creepy crucifix


 great use of gold leaf.


its even interactive in case you want to find out even more about the pieces!


and now, the pièce de résistance: the first floor.


in each room is a fresco, some, like the one below, more modernist than others.


(note the flying head)

museo san marco

piazza san marco, 3

check for their quite specific opening times.

more detes here:




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