so the plan was to have a nice leisurely jog around the riverbank. then as i passed palazzo pitti, i decided to make a sharp swerve to the right and jog up a first hill via corsa san giorgio. oh yea. i felt inspired. the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the air was crisp. the world was my oyster.


and then, i get to the top of the hill and land right between the exit of the boboli gardens and the entrance to the villa bardini & its gardens. and it looks damn fine. i felt on top of the world.


so i jogged back down to the porta (near restaurant porta fuori)


and when i get there, i feel so enthused that i run up to san miniato – a second hill. with loads of stairs.


of course, by this point, there is literally so much countryside around me that my asthma is kicking in, my eyes are streaming, and i am sneezing about 15 times a minute.


but lets not let hayfever ruin a great double hill run

– or worst, a great selfie.

the double hill run:

highly recommended;

serious athletes will be able to complete it.


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