the uffizi gallery is renowned for its fabulous collection of portraits – well on the second floor is a small exhibition of portrait prints and drawings from the mid-nineteenth to the early-twentieth centuries. To quote one of the exhibition panels: ‘This exhibition aims to focus on the events that allowed Florence (…) in continuity with the past but conscious of the modern spirit of the time, to place great attention on contemporary art.’ Public and private collections in this period looked to amass the most representative prints and drawings of their time, not least those which adopted new techniques and perspectives. The modern outlook of florence reminds us that the city was not stuck in past glories, but looked to keep up with the rhythms of the artistic world.

Here’s a little feast for the eyes:

a portrait of ernest renan


a portrait of max lieberman


a portrait of a woman working in the fields


as the drawings are quite exquisite and interesting, both in terms of the subject represented and the fact that they are produced by talented artists of this century, i would consider it worthwhile purchasing them and adding them to the collection of modern drawings of this museum; al the more so as one does not come across drawings by the two artists pallastrini and fattori.

the curator pasquale nerino ferri in 1897.



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