brace yourselves: this is a boring post. but its also kinda an important one which, if you live in florence, and especially if you have visitors coming this weekend (as i do!!), you have to know. then instead of writing the same message for the 50th time, you just send them the link to this page. *ta da!*

transfers to and from florence airport

taxi: there’s a ‘flat rate’ to/from airport of 20 euros (but you usually get added anywhere between 2 and 10 euros. nearer to 2, but still…). there’s a clearly indicated taxi rank at the airport, and otherwise you can book a cab (they always take between 2 and 5 minutes to arrive, no need to pre-book) at this number 0039 055 4390 (http://www.4390.it/wp/)

bus:  if you’re arriving in florence, hop on the bus, it takes 20 minutes i think, and it takes you to the santa maria novella train station (which is central), all for a 10 euro return. the ticket inspectors can be real douche bags but hey, thats life. the bus/shuttle times & details are all on the florence airport website: http://www.aeroporto.firenze.it/en/passengers/from-to-the-airport/bus.html


transfers to and from pisa airport

taxi: not advised.

bus: easy peasy lemon squeezey. it takes a bit over an hour, leaves from santa maria novella train station and takes you straight to the pisa airport. 10 euros a return ticket. All time details here: http://www.terravision.eu/inglese/files/2012/06/pisa_timetable.pdf

train: usually running, but the route is currently undergoing some works, so i wouldn’t advise….


anyways, sorry for boring you to death. but you’ll thank me one day. (maybe).



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