on the eve of new years eve, phil & i tried to book about 10 restaurants for new year’s eve proper – and failed. nope, its not what you think – its not that they were completely booked (well sanito bevitore was…). its just that they were closed. apparently, florentines just wanna get drunk on nye – and hats off to ’em! but now we were in a bit of a pickle.

so i turn and say to phil: ‘why don’t we try that restaurant on the corner of santo spirito? the one with all the little fairy lights?’ phil was in full agreement.

so i called up the restaurant and booked a table for the 2 of us for 9pm. perfect!

turns out i’d booked the wrong restaurant. the one i had called – ‘borgo antico’ – was actually on the opposite side of the piazza santo spirito. so we walked straight out of ‘osteria santo spirito’ and headed to our reservation. and it was delicious! we had primi (it was pasta with pesto i think and it was nice) and secondi (it was bistecca fiorentina and it was amazeballs) and desert (it was cheescake and it was glorious). all that over a bottle of brunella. phil then inisited we go to another place to grab some drinks while bringing in the new year – but who can seriously do anything but sleep after a 3-course italian meal? i know, right! so we went to bed (not least because phil had wanted to drink at archea brewry ad it was, as you can imagine, closed) and i vaguely remember hearing the fireworks go off as i was drifting off to sleep….

on a more important point:

bon anniversaire mamounette!


i’ll bring you to borgo antico next time you’re in florence 🙂

piazza di santo spirito, 6-r


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