i once had an acquaintance poopoo brew pubs – those specifically in florence, and those everywhere else. apparently, they were just too ‘faux hipster’ bourgeois, too american, too ‘trendy’ to be truly good places to get beer. well, guess what, that’s ridiculous. i am not massively into this movement myself – not least because i am not an avid beer drinker and get stuck with drinking the one kind of crap wine these places always have – but ya know what? they do serve good beer. and they are often more chilled out and relaxed places to go. and yes, maybe some of the local florentine flare seems lost in these pop up brew pubs, but seeking authenticity for authenticity’s sake sounds like a load of hooey to me. if you want a beer, drink a beer. done.

and if you want a beer in florence, go to archea brewry. they’re friendly, have pretty good music, leave you be, have this cool half-in-half-out seating area in the front. and you know what? there are only locals there. well, as far as my pigeon italian lets me understand….


(this is not my photograph)

(it came from this foodie site


archea brewery

via de’ serragli 44


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