eating in london can be a bit tricky: between below-average pub food, and curry houses which can give you varying versions of food poisoning, the brits seem to live up to their reputation of being terrible cooks.

but this is only one (bad, small) side of british cuisine – there’s been a food revolution since i moved here in 2002, and it’s damn good. you just need to know where to go. let’s just have a look at a handful of places around the holborn/russell square area:

norfolk arms, delicious tapas

koba, fabulous korean bbq

bubbledogs, for the novelty factor (its champagne and hotdogs. and that’s it.)

and i recently had a great meal at gail’s kitchen near tottenham court road – they do tapas too. and the staff is uber friendly.

then there’s my favourites:

harwood arms in fulham – best british cuisine; polpo, bocca di luppo, trullo – all do amazing italian food; hakkasan – superb dim sum; burger and lobster, bar boulud – great burgers; and so the list goes on.

so let’s embrace britishness


and enjoy all the delicacies of britain’s multi-cultural food revolution.


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