if you want to stroll around looking at things, i recommend spitalfields market – its cool, its chilled, its varied. its got a lomograph store, some vintage furniture shops, and loads of other stores. there is one with cool prints of the human skeleton. how can you not love?! exactly. and you have plenty of food & drink options whilst you’re having a mooch.

if you want to shop for women’s  fashion, something affordable and british and cool, its the downstairs bit in the topshop on oxford circus. if you want to shop for underwear, its selfridges or die. and my current favourite, but which is a bit out of the max weber way, is search and rescue on stoke newington church street, a street which  harbours multiple wonderful vintage, coffee and brunch places, and where i recently bought a typewriter and matching mirrors.

but lets focus on max weber needs as they stay in the bloomsbury area:

if you are a max weber and you need shoes/trousers/socks urgently, go to the brunswick centre opposite russell square tube station.

if you are a max weber and what you really need is an academic book, or just a good book to curl up to, look no further: you have an awesome waterstones on your doorstep. its the waterstones on 82 gower street, somewhat legendary.  http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/navigate.do?pPageID=200006



this is what happens when you don’t take pictures of your own city:

you put up random photos on your blog post.

(this is on way from high holborn to seven dials/covent garden via shaftesbury avenue)

(seven dials is actually quite nice for shopping…)


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