this is one of my favourite churches in florence. first, it sits nestled amongst one of the busiest areas of the city, where crowds are bustling, people window shopping, going from duomo to palazzo vecchio to uffizzi to ponte vecchio and back. all the while, this gorgeous church sits and quietly awaits your visit, confirming that in florence, there is a masterpiece at every corner.

but the church orsanmichele has something else to it: aside from being beautiful inside and out, the building in fact celebrates the trades which once took place there. indeed, the church initially started out as a grain market; now, it is a site of contemplation and prayer. that commerce and religion are so entwined in this one site fascinates me, and i urge you to look at each statue on the outside walls and try to guess which trades are being heralded on this religious site.

beautiful inside


and out


church orsanmichele

via dell’arte della lana

(last pic taken from orsanmichele.net)


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