‘there’s an organic market in santo spirito on the third sunday of every month’

‘there’s an antiques market in sant’ambroggio on every first weekend of every month, and then on the last weekend of the month it comes to santo spirito’

‘there’s an art fair on the first moon of every third month of every leap year, at 10-14h if it’s  summer or at 13-17h if it’s winter’

yea, exactly. whatever.

who has the time to keep track of these things?!

i definitely don’t. so i feel extremely luck when i stumble out of my flat on a sunday morning and see the organic market’s in town.

‘ah,’ i tell myself, ‘it must be the third sunday of the month.’

oooh, organic veg.

looks tastier with the ‘antique’ filter.


mmm…. pesto tasters


anything that ugly must taste pretty awesome


oh, homemade ribollitta in a bottle, yum.


ahhhh… santo spirito.


they even sell some …

ceiling lamps:


you gotta love the s.s. square

on the third sunday of every calendar month.



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