brac is uber cool. the waiters all look like they’ve walked out from the most hipster london neighbourhoods, with baggy old jumpers, super tight and ankle-length jeans, sporting haircuts which combine shaved head/long dyed hair/mini-fringes. but they’re also all super friendly.

and more importantly, the food there is super good. amisha and i each got the 12 euro combine-3-dishes platter – the homemade pasta was exquisite, as was the pear salad, and these amazing filo-pastry-deep filled ricotta-and-spinach things. then we had the cheesecake. mmmmmmm. delicioso.

ok, so the rice was bad and the avocado salad was not super inspiring – nobody’s perfect, eh? i won’t hesitate to go back. especially with vegeterian friends. great atmosphere, funky place, and different & tasty food. and on sundays, they do brunch american style: french toast, pancakes, you name it.


amisha looking beautiful as always


the bar (hipsters in hiding)



(and it is also a library!!!!!!!!!!!)

*boom shakalaka*


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