i’m not usually the keen mass-goer, but in a city which holds some of the world’s most beautiful churches and basilicas, i thought i’d give it a shot. and also i thought i’d hit big: the duomo. i hadn’t gone in since i’d arrived in florence, actually, so this was a good occasion as any.

it was 6pm on a sunday. i was with two friends, akis and amisha. the smell alone brought back childhood memories of attending mass with my parents and grandparents, and although i didn’t follow the words, i just sat back, listening to the murmur of prayers, songs and sermons, mesmerised by the duomo ceiling.


(shot of side/back inside duomo,

back when i thought we were allowed to take photos indoors.)

just a quick note: the entrance is not on the steps in front of the duomo…


it is on the side…

(although you can find details of mass times on the front, in their defense)




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