this is my 100th post, and i’m marking the occasion by discussing ‘amblé’, this great new café i recently discovered courtesy of akis, blanca and phillip.

amblé is tucked away in a courtyard next to ponte vecchio. none of the furniture matches; the food is often veggie, vegan and/or organic; all the barristas have 3-day beards, tight-ish denim shirts and hats.

you get the picture…

the courtyard seating is lovely, but to work, it’s better to go in the back, where you have wifi, and are surrounded by shelves full of objets which you can actually purchase:


old tins, tea sets, vintage lamps.

(hi phil and blanca!)

this is the other kind of quirky stuff they have at amblé:


this is the kind of amazing salad they have at amblé:


(it’s fresh, it’s delicious, and it comes pre-seasoned)

and this is my friday 5pm in the afternoon concoction:


cookie to keep me smiling, pinto grigio to give me a light buzz, and café to keep me going for that final stretch before, as it turns out, a weekend of working.


piazzetta dei del bene, 7a


(see you there this afternoon.)


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