this basilica is not one of the ‘main’ stops in florence.

but built in 1250 and founded by 7 young catholics – known for starting the servite order – it is a good place to slip into when in this area of town.

the basilica itself sits on a beautiful piazza,

its arches drawing you in.


when you enter, you are initially in a kind of ‘antechamber’

with beautiful frescos, a glass ceiling, impressive arches…


(hi phillip & david!)


and people painted into the windows.

from there, you peer into the church


before eventually walking in


and admiring the beautiful interior.

and then, once you’ve spent a good twenty minutes roaming around,

you exit the basilica,

turn right,

and go to the caffé


it’s in the yellow house, and is a super hip place to go for a quick coffee, lunch or drink.

read all about it here:


la basilica ss annunziata

piazza ss annunziata


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