it is literally the newspaper for expats.

Photo du 75722809-02- à 21.02

with everything you want to know about current events in florence.

like the fact that part of the san lorenzo (leather) market is closed.

Photo du 75744580-02- à 21.02

i mean, without the florentine there to explain to me that this is only temporary,

i would’ve looked at the empty street and gone, ‘whatwhat?!’

it also has recipes:

Photo du 75842764-02- à 21.04

local ads for our beloved mama’s bakery,

and also an english bookstore i’m now keen to hunt down:

Photo du 75768141-02- à 21.02

 and oh, the classifieds!

want a personal tour guide of santo spirito area? or a cooking class? a room to rent?

Photo du 75891650-02- à 21.04

or are you just keen to find out what exhibitions are on now in florence & nearby area?!

Photo du 75933263-02- à 21.05

it’s all there.

all of it.

you can even ask the mayor, matteo renzi, questions,

and he’ll answer in the first inside page of the magazine.

Photo du 75796427-02- à 21.03

(although something tells me that renzi won’t be doing that for a while.)

anyways, to recap:

the florentine:

amazing paper.


got mine at the odeon cinema on piazza strozzi.

they also have an online website:



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