i went to see the vatican museums ten years ago, and remember two things: it was long, and they sold prada bags near the museum entrance.

going back at the wise old age of 30 and a half was thus a very good decision on my part. because now, i can thoroughly enjoy the significance of the collections, and can take great photos with cool instagram filters which make everything prettier.

oh, and also, they have a new exhibit. and it is awesome. the thing about the vatican museums is that they’re kinda like ikea: to get to the place you want (we’ll suppose it’s the sistine chapel), you have to walk through many other corridors, view many other galleries. there are shortcuts of course – but do you really want to be missing out on great stuff like the animal gallery?!


nope, i didn’t think so.


at the end of this long tour, after the raphael rooms but before the sistine chapel, they now have a contemporary art gallery. where there is seriously cool stuff. a real reflection on how the great artists of the 20th century have viewed/reflected upon the papacy, the vatican, religion.

you have botero

photo 2

you have dali

photo 1

you have francis bacon

photo 3

you have max ernst


you have otto dix


you have someone you don’t know who made a cool sculpture with shadows


and then, there are the matisse pieces


many of which are preserved in a huge room


(okay now it’s selfie time)


and some pieces which are kept in a glass shelf thing


(including letters to his mother)



anyways, the modern art collection is simply marvelous. it was inaugurated in the early 1970s by Pope Paul VI, but i have yet to find more information on it: how did they acquire the works? when was the gallery opened to the public? are more pieces coming in? you get the jist. and at the end of the day, even without all this great contextual information (which most other rooms have), it is still a feast for the eyes.

vatican museums

collection of modern art








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