one of my favourite things to do is smuggle in candy and food at the cinema (who can handle those prices?!) especially old school candy from a candy store. coconut mushrooms, super-sour cola bottles, snakes, you name it.

and to get the best candy in rome, we stopped by castroni, a wonderful old school candy store / café / delicatessen / grocer where the ceiling-high shelves are packed with a great variety of foods, teas, conserves, etc, whilst giant glass jars stock up old school candy. this blogger certainly knows his/her way around castroni and describes it beautifully:

‘are you ready for the third wonder of the roman grocery world? this one’s well known to all Italians and most expats, but for those castroni virgins out there, let me tell you about this paradise. castroni offers everything – gourmet ingredients, foreign products, cakes, coffee – even their shopping baskets are golden! they stock patak’s curry paste, quinoa, ground almonds, real vanilla extract, sweet chilli sauce and a hundred types of chocolate. these items just don’t exist in supermarkets in italy. it’s like an italian dean and deluca. ‘

i insert a picture from the site to also set the scene:



and once you have your bag of candied goodies (and probably a bit more), you can stroll on over to campo di fiori, and slip into the farnese, a quaint little cinema, and watch the new hanna arendt.



this is what you do

on a sunday afternoon

when it’s raining in rome

and you aren’t allowed to go shopping.

castroni, via cola di rienzo 196/198

farnese, campo di fiori, http://www.cinemafarnese.eu/


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