when in rome… drink coffee and red wine. neither can ever be disappointing.

you can enjoy them near the spanish steps, at antica enoteca (for wine, and maybe a pizza, open late and on sundays). or you can enjoy them near piazza navona, at bar sant’eustachio (for coffee, the best you’ll probably ever have). and of course you can enjoy them near the vatican, at del frate (for wine, and food, and more wine).

but my favourite place to enjoy them is in trastevere, a fabulous neighbourhood full of winding streets, restaurants and cafés you can just slip in and out of.

and this is what we did on one rainy, rainy sunday afternoon, when our feet were wet and our arms sore from holding up our umbrellas. we slipped into the caffé della scala, on via della scala, where we sat down to enjoy first coffee, then red wine. We stayed their for a couple of hours, curled up with our books, me reading one of alice munro’s collections of short stories, phil reading that book ‘stoner’ which is all the rave right now.

and it was sublime.


caffe della scala

via della scala

trastevere, rome

because you don’t need anywhere special or fancy

to have a delicious sunday afternoon in rome.

(as long as it’s dry.)





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