the truth can be harsh, but here it is: there are no good burgers in florence. and i’ve tried.

the first: moyo. ok it wasn’t a burger, it was a club sandwich.

this is what it looked like:


exactly. gross.

so definitely don’t go to moyo, via de benci, 23.

maybe go to the clubhouse. it’s better. it’s got, like, milkshakes, pancakes, etc. it’s on via de ginori, 6. or go to the diner, via dell’acqua, 3. you can have half decent burgers. their fries are good!

but still, you’re gonna have to face the music: in florence, you will not be able to fill that void which yearns for an awesome burger.

but then again, screw it. it’s florence. so go have a carbonara pasta at gustapanino. or a pizza at at pizzaiulo. or a chocolate éclair at gilli. or an aperitivo at odeon bistrot. all topped with some local red wine.

and you’ll get over it… (i hope!)


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