as i enter month 2 of ‘not buying anything’, i feel it’s a good time to reflect on the amazing things i did buy in the past few months. because going on shopping sprees is not always a bad thing: in fact, some ‘impulse purchases’ can end up being the best buys ever.

like these shoes:

Photo du 31021460-02- à 08.37

aren’t they just awesome?!

and so comfortable.

they come from the same shop on via del corso where, 2 years ago, I bought these shoes:

Photo du 31032925-02- à 08.37

they seemed like a really outlandish buy back then.

turns out, they are very ludivine-resistant, and i ended up wearing them for my civil wedding on 12 July 2013.


best buy ever.

so yea, impulse buys at this shop on via del corso are probably the best things you’ll end up doing.

Photo du 31141446-02- à 08.39

Antica Cuoieria

via del corso, 48r



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