the gusta people have taken over the street looking over santo spirito. you have gustapizza, gustaosteria, and gustapanino. one does pizzas, the other is more ‘osteria’ type with proper sit down meals, and finally the last one does sandwiches – but it also has a little seating area where you can grab a sit down meal.

i recently went to gustapanino with a max weber and his friends visiting in town – the osso bucco was good, and so was the ragu pasta. but what was really delicious was the pasta carbonara.

two weeks later, when my own friends were visiting, i gave them strict instructions: order the carbonara.

but one should not forego their sandwiches! This blogger here did an excellent review of their sandwiches which, despite not winning the sandwich wars, did a pretty damn good job.

anyways, back to pasta:



nora and laura

waiting for the best carbonara they’ll eat in a long time.


via de’ michelozzi, 13


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