florence/italy has this weird thing: it’s like little dispenser ‘hubs’. essentially, holes in walls where you have 5 or more big vending machines. they don’t just dispense your usual cans of coke and crisp packets; there’s pasta, sandwiches, nutella, and of course, condoms. basically, your essentials if you fancy a meal and/or a shag in the middle of the night, when everything else is closed.

they smell a lot of wee, these ‘holes in the wall’ places; but if i’m ever in a pickle i’d be happy to know there are two near house (via romana and via dei serragli).


this is not a hole in wall place

(didn’t have a photo of that)

it’s a pharmacy,

with a condom vending machine outside it’s front door.

what a great idea!

i’d like to think that,

if boots did this,

there’d be fewer teenage mums in the uk…


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