this year, i’m resolving to buy fewer things.  hopefully, nothing (except for house stuff and books – mustn’t be ridiculous…). indeed, moving house over the summer showed me how much i actually owned, so a year of abstinence won’t kill me.

but there are three things i’m hoping to bring back from florence after my year here is up. (yes, i’m allowing myself some flexibility: it’s not really a resolution if you don’t break it every once in a while.)

the first is sunglasses from this great shop i’ll discuss another day. the second is some tableware from pampaloni. and the third is something – anything – from the san jacopo show store on borgo san jacobo (the street on oltrarno which links ponte vecchio to ponte santa trinita). it’s arty house stuff, from cushions to wall art to lampshades. it’s about eccentric fabrics, and also about mannequins, and i love it.

so if 2014 can only bring me three new things, then i hope that one of them is a multi-colour, human-size mannequin lampshade:



san jacopo show

borgo san jacopo 66r



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