i had a a whole post for today about the taxation system in cortina, but i’m gonna speed through it: it was in this town that italian taxes were first imposed. everything to do with how rich it was/is. the end.

because all i really want to talk about is my recent combined experiences of history & desert which, it turns out, have nothing to do with either cortina, or florence, or italy for that matter:

last wednesday night, i shared an ice cream & brioche with tim snyder in london. that’s right, you heard me: tim ‘superman’ snyder. who wrote that amazing book on blood lands. tony judt’s best friend. walking encyclopaedia.

*insert selfie of tim & i sharing an ice cream, looking very serious and uncomfortable*

and last night, i shared an ice cream & chocolate fondant with jacques semelin – historian of france and historian of genocide. soon to be witness on rwandan trial in paris. who wrote a lot about civil resistance. also author of purify and destroy. and also happens to be one of nicest men in the world.

*insert selfie of jacques & i sharing the fondant, whilst simultaneously laughing and giving each other a high five*

who will it be next wednesday night?! because i’m on a roll.


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