if you want to shop in cortina, get the credit cards out. and don’t be adverse to fur. never have you seen so many furs lined up in shops. (in fact, never have you seen ski resort gondolas sponsored by paul & shark yachting, or ski resort outdoor thermometers sponsored by audi.) ok, not all of them sell fur. some of them sell jewels. big jewels. let’s just sat that phil is usually was encouraging me to hide my left hand.

so yes, although on tuesdays i usually review shops, this week, i cannot. because normal people cannot shop in cortina. although here are some images of what people & their dogs look like:

this is what they looked like

fur from tip to toe

moncler men

on men and women alike.

no, i joke. a bit. here’s a quick one i snapped: the stiff-rimmed hat and big fur coat were a classic look.

Fur (enoteca)

luckily my banana moon, despite being a decade old, and being faux-fur, saved the day.

and phil and i didn’t feel like we couldn’t be seen in public.

banana moon fur



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