so as i’ve previously mentioned, i spent a few days in cortina d’ampezzo over the christmas break. three words: so. much. fur.

seriously, it’s ridiculous. the fur-to-human ratio was off the charts. young men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s all dressed with multiple furs, hunting hats, stilettos.

even their dogs were wearing moncler snow jackets.

moncler dog


but let’s get back to the point: where do you go to get a good drink in cortina?

because you’ll need one.

even if it’s just because dogs have nicer ski jackets than you do (my banana moon looked a bit pathetic next to their monclers.)

our first stop was the entoca brio divino



and i’ll add this photo of phil coz it looks mysterious

Phil Enoteca

(yes, those are doilies covering the lamps)


it was ok, but soon became packed with smug, rich, furry 30 year-olds. and the bread & crisps they gave us were a bit dry.

in contrast, heading down the main street, we spotted a great little sports bar. here, the social scene was a little closer to what we had in mind: there were fewer louis vuittons, more snow mittens and christmas jumpers. and the general atmosphere was more relaxed and friendly. phil had a spritz, i think i had a prosecco.

view of inside


Sports Bar 2

view of outside heaters & barrels

Sports Bar 3

view of our drinks

Sports Bar 1

the sports bar

actually called ‘bar sport’

corso roma 123

cortina d’ampezzo



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