when you’re in a foreign country, some things can be hard to buy: newspapers, magazines, books and dvds are often in the local language, and unless you are fluent in said language, you are a tiny bit screwed. of course, we live in the wonderful age of the internet, where amazon makes everything possible. i literally just ordered a book (baruch, ‘servir l’etat français’)which will arrive tomorrow morning. that.is.efficiency.

but wandering around rows of books, cds and dvds has it’s own immense pleasures. for sometimes, it is not the immediacy of receiving a specific product which you are looking for; rather, you crave slowly meandering up and down rows of books, stopping still for minutes on end as you finger the items individually, carefully reading the synopsis of one which has caught your eye, before putting it back down on the shelf.

well, foreign friends in florence, i have found a place where you can do that. no, it’s not an english bookshop or dvd store (that’ll be for another day). it’s an italian dvd store with a pretty good range of foreign films – and that means they’re either in english, or they’ll have subtitles, and they’re cool arty films.

so go there, stroll around, pick up a dvd or two – and enjoy a midweek viewing at home with a glass of good wine.


dischi alberti

borgo san lorenzo, 45/49r



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