when you have had a weekend of eating and drinking, there is nothing quite like a good sunday brunch. where, obviously, you eat and drink some more, before finally trying to regain some sort of self-control as monday looms it’s ugly head (and you realise your pants zipper isn’t staying up any longer).

thus, after sending nora off to florence airport, laura and i wandered the streets of florence at 11h30 looking for a good brunch. of course, that’s not so easy to find, what with many italian places being open from 12 or 12h30 onwards on a sunday. but as we wandered on the other side of the arno (the duomo side), meandering through the streets, and as laura was getting hungrier and hungrier, we stumbled across moye.

now i’d been thinking about going to moye for a while. it was sleek, modern, and, i thought, ‘probably does a good cocktail’. and on that particular morning, feeling quite hungover, not fancying a cocktail so much. also, thing is, i prefer the rustic feel. but it was open, and laura was starving.

we walked into moye and found ourselves swept off our feet. far from being impersonal, the staff – which, if may i interject, was not unattractive – took their time in discussing with us the origins of this concept restaurant, talking us through their menu, and basically chatting us up in a sweet and not intrusive and abnoxious way. even the cook, who has… wait for it… tv-chef experience, joined in. as two old married broads, laura and i, sat at the counter with our americanos and spremutas, were lapping it up.

so yes, back to the food. the recipes are mostly from puglia and southern italy – a change from the regional tuscan cuisine. and it was very good. we shared the three-types-of-mozzarella starter (smoked, the inside of burrata, and normal), then each had a pasta dish: orecchiette with tomatoe sauce (light & fresh) and some kind of tagliatelle with cheesey sauce (v satisfying). i’d say nothing off-the-charts-mindblowing, but very good. we were also given these nutty, lemony biscuits to munch on. mmmm.

i’m going to recommend it to the max webers because, let’s face it, i’m going back. i don’t know if it was the food or the atmosphere, but whilst there’s nothing exceptional (i do think it’s too big and too white for my liking) about moye, that sunday morning was truly lovely.


mozzarella trio


the bar/open kitchen bit


hey laura!


via del parione 16r


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