right next to the church la ss annunziata di firenze, which is on a piazza of the same name, you spot a couple of chairs, a table, maybe a bench, all laid out on the sidewalk. and behind it, a tiny entrance into a tiny coffee shop.

the name: a caffe

the vibe: quirky hipster

the ratings from florence by foot: favourite find

the ratings from florence by foot’s friends: one of best stops of the weekend

a caffe is a very small café/bar which can seat 10-12 people maximum indoors. in the mornings, it’s a great pitt stop to get a coffee or cappuccino on the way to the Piazza San Marco bus stops. at lunch, you can share a delicious pesto lasagne followed by peposo beef stew (or whatever else they have on the menu). in the evenings, after people have ordered their brew or wine at the bar, you can spill out onto the street.


inside un caffe

(check out the funky beer on tap!)




whilst waiting for our lunch

un caffe

via cesare battisti, 2

(a bit too cold now to just stand outside,

but bet it’s great in the summer.)

(also probably not great café to work in if you need loads of papers everywhere)


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