many of the best restaurants in florence are outside of the centre. santo spirito, for instance, houses some delicious, authentic cuisine. and so does campo di marte. well, i haven’t really explored that area so far, but it certainly houses at least one delicious restaurant: osteria delle tre planche (pronounced ‘planke’).

translated by google translate, it means ‘tavern of the three planche’. thanks google translate. that was really helpful. let’s go with the better translation of ‘tavern of the three benches’. and this is important to know why? because the restaurant only has three benches. (well, it has three tables/slabs of wood, which then have benches around them.) the room is very small, you can fit probably 6 people max around each table. that’s 18-20 people at it’s peak. and this charming, intimate ambiance is the first reason why you should go.

the second most delightful thing about the restaurant is it’s focus on truffles. actually, this should serve as a warning: if you don’t like truffles, do not go to this osteria. yes yes, they have other things on the menu which you can order. but the smell of truffle is literally everywhere.

(after the restaurant that night, i went dancing at yag bar for a few hours. max weber birthday party, etc. and the following morning it was not the smell of a smokey, boozey night club which i had to wash out of my hair: it was the smell of truffle.)

however, if you happen to like truffle, you’re in for a treat. you will sit there in pure bliss, whilst skimming over the menu which offers a variety of courses with black truffle, or with white truffle (more expensive, but dee-ee-licious).

delicious meals included:

– tagliata di manza with black truffles

– ravioli with truffle

and the final cherry on the cake, the third reason why you should go, is the cheesecake. it is a tuscan, lighter, simpler version of the new york-type cheesecakes we’re used to. and take my word for it: it’s the bomb.

bon appétit!


the waiter, bow tie and all

(the room is not much bigger than this)


wine bottles with festive charm

osteria delle tre planche

via antonio pacinotti, 32-r

(ps happy 5 month anniversary phil!)


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