what do you do when you have 2 friends visit you in florence?

first, you take the 57 bus from the main station to the decathlon to buy an extra inflatable mattress (15 euros mattress, 15 euros for the device which pumps the air into it). that way, you’re all comfy cozy in your studio flat.

second, you plan a clear itinerary of what you want to do.

third, you ditch the itinerary, and instead just learn to ‘relax’ and ‘go with the flow’. it’ll be stressful initially, but you’ll get the hang of it.

in the end, it might look something like this:


you wander around santo spirito streets

peering into the workers’ ateliers


and also stop

in some unique & vintage boutiques

(with a nice array of hats)


all this under a sky of umbrellas

on via romana


then you eat pasta carbonara

at gustapanini


the following morning,

after a night of wine and carbonara,

you have a quick coffee at café santa trinita

(on the way to the museum trip.)

(which you are late for.)


then you introduce your friends

to your max weber officemate

(via dei servi)


and then get said max weber

to take photo of the three of you

(still via dei servi)


and then you drink some more

(la prosciutteria)


and then you eat some more,

staying in the restaurant ’til it closes.

(il cantinone)


nora & laura

dec. 2013


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