’twas a few weeks before christmas

and all through the city

not a max weber was sleeping

not even eirini


they’d all gone to lucy’s house

to talk, eat and drink

and with all the professors

they raised their glasses and clinked


when out on the street

they heard the music

‘to the jazz café!’ said lucy

and that’s just what they did


they walked out into the street

under the moon full and bright

as they bought their memberships for the club

they knew it’d be a long night


lucy, laura and paul

were swirling ’round on the floor

they felt pretty happy

that they’d left their coats at the door


of course the max webers

could not resist

phillip and ludi

were dancing the twist


then up went akis

swinging val around

as james and eirini

got them another round


they boogied to the music

til break of day

t’was a festive december night

in florence’s jazz café



the max webers


in motion

 the jazz café

on a corner off borgo pinti

(ps. the poetry is back)


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