one of the many things which make me smile in my neighbourhood in santo spirito is the old man who strolls around, quite slowly, dressed like he’s walked out of saturday night fever. in october it was: tight white jeans; white shirt; white jean jacket; black boots with toes so narrow and long they could do grievous bodily harm. in november: tight hot pink jeans; thick, corduroy, mid-length, fitted, black jacket; (couldn’t see his shirt); same shoes.

these are eccentric outfits, but ones which also show that this man still cares deeply about his appearance. of course, there are many stereotypes about italian men and fashion. but the older generation receives somewhat less attention in my view, when in fact, they are the true vanguards of italian fashion.

check out this guy  i spotted as my bus left the train station heading for pisa airport:




pale blue shirt; bright red v-neck; pale yellow trousers

(all fitting nicely)


great brown leather shoes, awesome sunglasses and a brown leather man bag in his hand.

so suave.


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