you go there with the intention of staying for a half an hour; you exit three hours later. this is the ‘casa del vino’ effect.

tucked away between the leather stall markets and the san lorenzo mercato, la casa del vino is a fantastic wine bar with atmosphere, charm, and a delicious variety of wine. the other day, following a small concert at theater della pergola on a saturday afternoon, we wandered to casa del vino to join a couple of max webers who were already there. before we knew it, we were chatting to people we’d never met before, and on our third bottle of wine (in our defense, a lot of us were sharing). between luca – valerie’s italian friend and a regular customer – the traveling american students, the over-60 locals dressed mostly in mustard-coloured cords and displaying impressive facial hair arrangements, and the friends-of-friends who’d joined, we were a lively bunch.

we let luca take charge: he would point to wine bottles and the owner would then take out his huge stick (official name unknown) and bring the bottles down from the high, high shelves full of wine bottles covering the walls. we’d then open it, let it breathe, and sip it whilst sat/propped up on various bits of furniture in the narrow room. we laughed, we drank, and if we’d wanted to, we could’ve eaten some nibbles.

one of the most enjoyable late afternoon-early evening experiences i’ve had in florence. or anywhere for that matter.


the narrow room in casa del vino


people chatting,

people drinking.


the backroom bathroom

(after a few glasses you’ll only be too happy to make use of their turkish toilets)

casa del vino

via dell’ ariento, 16r

*nora, laura, we’re going there this weekend*


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