let’s not beat about the bush: you need to go to pizzaiuolo. short description: the pizzas are like the ones at gustapizza, except – *sigh/gasp* – they’re better.

you probably need to book, especially in the evening. then, when you’re there, you need to order the starter to share. (it’s got burratta, that delicious creamy cheese, and lot’s of other things which involve melted cheese and bread.) if you’re five, a sharing portion for 3 people will be enough. then, you need to order their pizza. if you insist on having their pasta, have their pasta with the pesto. if you’re having the pizza, well, knock yourself out. have whatever you want. but if you’re 5 people (when i went there recently, we were 5), and you’ve had the starter to share, then you’d be better off sharing 3 pizzas amongst yourselves. nobody wants to go home feeling sick.

so go, good people, go to pizzaiuolo.


(hi phil!)


via de’ macci, 113


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