soon after arriving in florence, i spotted an unusual bike sculpture near ponte vecchio. see for yourselves:


yes it was cool. but it was also strange. it was not near a store. and it was situated in a pretty prominent (tucked away but a few meters from the ponte vecchio) place. i searched and searched (well, you know, for 10 minutes on the internet on a wednesday morning) for what it might signify. i could not just accept it was a random ‘hommage’ to the city’s bike lovers.

and what do you know – the florentine had the answer. let us quote them directly (because we’re in a hurry today):

‘the piece grabbing everybody’s attention is cycling-up: an assemblage of 22 red-and-white recycled vintage bicycles on a green strip of artificial grass, rising 20 metres high, affixed to the front wall of gallery hotel art as if racing down the side of the building from rooftop to road.’

the florentine also captured public reaction, which has been highly controversial, with one passer-by describing it as ‘original yet pointless.’ 

let this be a lesson to us all:

when in doubt, go to the florentine.

(also, don’t replicate this sculpture.

people just aren’t that into it.)


gallery hotel

vicolo dell’oro

(might have been dismantled by the time this post is released)


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