florence is the place for delicious wine, wild boar ragu, tagliatta, crostini. you would not, therefore, expect to find some of the most innovative and original (and delicious) brewpubs in the city’s very own centre. this is not unique to florence, however: according to beer connaisseurs, ‘there is a quiet craft beer revolution taking place in italy.’ and as it just so happens, florence seems to be at the heart of it.

one shouldn’t be shy about walking into one eyed jack’s brewery, just off of the ponte alla carraia. yes, it’s dark inside, with heavy metal music blaring through it’s speakers, and full of young local punks actively involved in the city’s subculture. (as a thirty-year old who likes to go to bed at 10h30, it is not be my usual scene). but a friendly and convivial atmosphere oozes nonetheless from the bar staff and the place itself. more importantly, this brewery sells one of the most tasty brews you’ll hear of: brew dog.

brew dog is not just a beer – indeed, not being a beer connaisseur myself, i’m quickly going to skip over that part – it is an amazing business concept started up in 2007 by two 24-year old british guys who were sick of industrial brew houses. they started small and local, and soon took on a market. by launching a concept called ‘equity for punks’ in 2009, offering people to buy into their business. In the midst of their recession, they more than doubled their business.

and yes, you can now sip this most enjoyable beer, and nibble on the most enjoyable nachos, in this hugely enjoyable brewpub.

photo (21)

view from the bar stools looking out onto the street

photo (22)

inside one eyed jack’s


sample drinks


see you there


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