brace yourself: this post is not about sausages. it’s about something else that italians are really good at doing: statues for your garden. i mean, who doesn’t want a version of david in their garden?!

david 3


looking a bit skinny.

david 2


enjoying the smell of green leaves.

but it’s not just david that they do replicas of and sell in italy: it’s everything. the bazzanti gallery on longarno is famous for it’s replicas of

the roman she-wolf:**


a 3m40 Neptune:



(and this is where we get to the point of this post)

the florentine ‘porcellino’,

the wild boar fountain on mercato nuovo:***



to be honest, i have no idea how much these cost. (and let’s not even think about the transportation fees) but, if you want a porcellino in your garden, don’t over-think it. just go to galleria bazzanti on longarno. better yet, just go to their website.

galleria bazzanti

lungarno corsini 46r

*all david photos found on web; not in my garden

**she-wolf and neptune photos found on bazzanti website

***the porcellini in the window, i snapped myself




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