it is a strange name for this tiny, narrow, delightful café on piazza santo spirito. but you should definitely go. the pop café next to it is more often mentioned in blogs etc, but i think it’s overrated. take a few more steps and you’ll be far happier.

ok ok, so the wobbly tables and chairs don’t make it a great café to work in – but who wants to work first thing on a saturday morning? the atmosphere in pitta’mingola on those lazy weekends is intimate, cozy, slow, delicious. the spremuta is very tasty, and so is the coffee. the artesan croissants are like these fluffy, brioche-y things which come in two sizes: normal, and mini. then, there are the mini sugar cookies. and the brioche con crema. and some other bits and bobs. all in glass cases which you just lift to help yourself. near lunchtime, tiny sandwiches are on the counter. on market days, locals and regulars spill in.

to sum things up, i could not agree more with this this yelp reviewer who appreciates the attention and care which goes into the preparation of the drinks and nibbles. which all look and taste so fresh.

and apparently they do aperitivo! ok, now i’m excited.



lazy saturday breakfast

view from inside to out


piazza santo spirito



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