the best food i have had so far in italy. situated in a slightly remote location, the outside of trattoria tre soldi is nothing to go by. but once you push open the narrow door of that trattoria, you enter a world of foodie heaven. the layout makes it almost a bit of a formal dining occasion – great for anniversaries, birthdays, romantic evenings, special guests. or history department get togethers (we like to eat). it’s not for tourists, mostly just lots of locals.

the food is delicious and different. i had the gnudhi,  phil had the pasta. i then had the carpaccio, he had the tagliata. together, we shared sides of flagiole, burrata, and legumes. everything (everything) was super tasty. if nothing in particular stood out, it is because everything was of such particularly high standing. the wine was red, deep, dark, delicious. i cannot remember it’s name. a special reserve from 2004 i think.

now i’m hungry.


oh and yes, 4 days later, I went back. and it was equally delicious.


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