palombini sells tailored shirts for men (and women) (although mostly men). depending on how you look at it, their shirts are either ridiculous, or incredible. we’ll go for the latter (albeit secretly knowing they’re a bit ridiculous). basically, it’s their inside-collar patterns. they’re crazy! crazy cool, some may say. also, their sizes vary pretty much between ‘fashion fit’ and ‘very slim fit’ – i can only imagine, therefore, that the clientele can only be relatively limited in size… (is this another lululemon-gate? let’s hope not.)

the shirts are so unique that you might think only certain men can pull them off. first name that comes to my mind is ‘daniel lee’. yes, these are definitely daniel lee shirts. (if you don’t know daniel lee – wait, actually, that’s impossible. so you obviously know what i mean.) but in fact, i bet they look good on lots of men. we just need to broaden our rigid preconceptions of shirt-wearing.

anyways, this shop captures, in my view, a lot of the florentine shopping chic. the boutique is small and friendly. the shirts are colorful, structured, with funky patterns. the prices are reasonable. just one more of the nice shops on via del corso…


andrea palombini shirts display


they also like to do fun things with needles and pincushions


oooh look at those buttons.


andrea palombini

via del corso, 12r

(also they have a website)

(it’s a bit old school, but you can order shirts online!)


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