from the moment i watched ‘friends’, i too, wanted a coffee shop where everybody knows my name. where i could hang out with my highly successful friends in our late twenties and early thirties in the middle of the day. where i would always get the comfy couch (except for that one time on that one episode…)

i’m not much a fan of friends anymore nowadays, for obvious reasons. (not being 14 anymore is one…) in fact, having a staple coffee shop is fairly rare in modern day tv series. well, maybe ‘how i met your mother’ (that pub – and finally people accept that people in their early thirties would rather drink booze than coffee) and ‘glee’ (breadsticks.). in some of the best tv shows out there (parks and recreation and 30 rock), leslie knope and liz lemon just hang out at work.

anyways, i digress: on my street, there is a bar, and it’s pretty much the real-life-florentine equivalent of the place where everybody knows your name. well – no one knows my name really, since i’m not a local. but they seem to know eachother’s. every morning, there are the same few people hanging around. every lunch, every afternoon, it’s similar scenes. and every night, people are spilling into the street. the same ones. (well, they look the same…)

a few weeks ago, phil and i went in for a drink there, breaching that gap between locals-for-a-few-months and locals-since-forever. the barmaid was having her lunch at a table, but still served us our drinks in a deep, husky, but extremely friendly voice. anyways, the art in the side room was great. the wine was nice. the atmosphere was cool. i intend to go back…



the side room


rail car

woman stealing book from sleeping man


some mean-looking kitties.

bar whose name i don’t know

corner of via delle caldaie

and via dell’campuccio.


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