this morning i woke up to an email from a dear friend of mine telling me she was an aunt. her nephew, adam, was born on 2 nov, a month early, and she is on her way to brussels. ‘i just wanted to share this happiness with you,’ she wrote, ‘because, sometimes, there is still hope for wonderment in this world after all…’

what a way to start the day! in honour of adam, i thought i’d stop moaning about having the flu (i feel achey, shivery, and have a sore throat. i tend to take these things very seriously/very badly), and enjoy a breakfast at my local ‘mama’s bakery’.

the first time i went to mama’s bakery, i didn’t like it. what do you mean, you have no spremuta? what do you mean, you only have filter coffee? what do you mean, your big cookie is so dry i could choke on it? i was shocked, and i decided to never come back. never!

a few weeks  later, i’d do anything to choke on a non-italian cookie. so i go back to mama’s bakery on via delle chiesse in santo spirito. turns out, i.love.it.

1. their big tables in the conservatory, next to plugs, make it an excellent work station.

2. they don’t sell anything italian. (i know you think i’m crazy, but try living on a diet of parma ham and carbs and mozzarella for 9 weeks and you’ll see….!)

3. their bagels are lip-smacking good.

4. their coffee lasts for more than 2 sips.

5. they do theme cookies! not least, halloween theme cookies.

so yes, it’s an amazing breakfast/lunch/work spot, and to sum up my morning (which started with some coughing & flem): i’m now eating a ghost-shaped cookie, getting some work done, sipping on a filter coffee, and there’s a new khayi in the world. *sigh of wonderment.*



spooky cookie

at mama’s bakery

via delle chiese, 34


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