ham. cheese. wine. need i say more? oh wait, yes: bread. (my alma mater.) let me explain further:

some friends and i recently decided to escape italian cooking by going to a sushi restaurant on via de’ benci, above santa croce. turns out, ‘kome’ was so astronomically prices (in comparison to london, but also to other places), and lacked so much intimacy, that we left before we had time to take our coats off. we walked a few hundred meters to via dei neri, a popular, narrow, pedestrian street enjoyed by tourists. on it is a little restaurant, dim sum, which offers some delicious-smelling asian food. so we go to dim sum. turns out, we have to wait 30 minutes for a table (it’s a small place). that’s fine, we say. we’ll go have a drink.

not far down the street, there is an even narrower wine bar which serves hams and cheeses (and breads) on heavy, dark wooden platters. perfect! we can nibble on a slice of ham and enjoy a glass of white wine before dinner. but standing in this narrow wine/food bar, our glasses in our hands, we see a giant, long, doesn’t-even-fit-into-the-frame-of-my-ipod-camera platter stacked with hams and cheeses and breads coming towards us. and land right in front of us. hm. i think something got lost in translation…

needless to say, the 3 of us polished it off in 20 minutes. of course, we were not too hungry afterwards, so we skipped dim sum and went straight to a bar.

to conclude: la prosciutteria is a nice place, great for light dinner/lunch or a big nibble. and even if i whine and moan *oh i’m sooooo tired of italian food*, boy, do i like ham/cheese/bread…



la prosciutteria

via dei neri, 54



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