it’s vintage. it’s black and white. it’s in/near santa croce. it’s…. the black and white photo booth! in fact, it’s also famous: if you google ‘black and white photo booth florence’ you get loads of hits. seems like there could even be a few locations…

so let’s start this story: years ago, when phil and i had been dating for 9 months, he came to see me in paris where i was doing research in the archives. after a long, lazy sunday walk in the autumn sun, we were stepping out of the bastille metro station to head home for a rest. i don’t know if it was the air, the care-free spirit of that afternoon, or the rosé we’d just sipped on a terrace – but some spontaneous force compelled us to capture our happiness that day in a black and white photo booth. we’ve kept the photos ever since.

six years later, as i’m doing research in florence, phil is now my husband, living in our home in london, and has come to visit me for the weekend. and on that long, lazy walk that saturday afternoon in the the autumn sun, we stumble across a vintage black and white photo booth. we step in, get confusingly blinded four times (at reeeaaaalllllyyyyyy long intervals) and wait four minutes for the result. the photos are up in my studio, and i love them for capturing the spirit of that day. but we look so weird in them i did not want to burden the internet with that.


the ‘fotoautomatica’

aka black and white photo booth

(on corner of via giuseppe verdi and via dell’agnolo)

and now for some arrested development photo booth magic:



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