it looks too pretty to be true – to modern and neat to be delicious. but it is.

gelateria santa trinita sits on the edge of the arno, on the corner of the ponte santa trinta (didn’t really take a great leap of the imagination to come up with that name…). as phil and i came stumbling home after an exquisite dinner at a friend’s house/palazzo (as you do…), we found ourselves queuing for some ice cream (again, as you do…) in this new gelateria we had not yet tried. i had the yogurt and ‘chocolate fondante’ (melting chocolate), and phil had the cookies and something else… anyways, it was fabulous.

so fabulous, in fact, that a few nights later, as i came home stumbling-ish after aperitivo in fiesole, alone, i too found myself in the queue for an ice cream at gelateria santa trinita. and here, my mind was blown: the limone was like no other i had ever tasted, whilst the house specialty – the santa trinita – a vanilla base with swirls of chocolate and caramel – blew me away.

unfortunately, there are no pictures of these delicious ice cream experiences. too tasty, no time to waste.

so instead, here is a midnight view of the oltrarno, between ponte vecchio and ponte santa trinita. even more beautiful when you know that delicious ice cream awaits just on the other side.



gelateria santa trinita

piazza de frescobaldi

(remember: get the santa trinita…)


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