if you give me free prosecco, you score major points with me. well, la maremma, you’ve clearly done it: by handing us to flutes of prosecco during our wait (we’d booked for 9, arrived at 9h05, could only be seated by 9h17), you charmed your way into my heart. and then, throughout the meal, you just kept on winning me over.

in regards to food, there was paperdelle with porcini and  (some other kind of pasta) with wild boar sauce, followed by the peposo (a kind of delicious beef in red wine and black pepper stew) and the steak with rocket and parmesan. all of this over a chianti classic. all of this delicious. but it’s for desert that you really outdid yourself, maremma. we had tiramisu… to go. it was 11h30, we were tired, but wanting something sweet. so we asked the waiter (a bit hesitantly) if he could put the tiramisu in a doggy bag… and he was completely up for it. a half an hour later, we were in our pyjamas, sharing a delicious tiramisu, watching parks and recreation.

now that, my friend, is how i like to dine out: free prosecco, and desert to go.


that is their business card,

and here is the website link.

(don’t worry, the walls aren’t that pink)


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