oltrarno is the name for the part of the city which is on the other side of the arno – the one where you will find neither leather market, nor duomo, nor uffizzi, nor zara, nor pampeloni, nor palazzo strozzi, nor odeon cinema. but where you will find santo spirito. you can spend all day wandering these streets, propping yourself up in cafés, gelaterias, and just seeing the street life. ok, i lie – by day 2, i was a bit bored. but i did it. i spent one whole weekend on this side of the river. some soundbites: (health warning: it gets a bit boring, so you can skip right to the bottom) (then, it gets more fun)


spotted: a small ‘atelier’,

one of many to dot oltrarno, which was originally full of artisans.

now full of boutiques and hipster cafés.


a small atelier – turned boutique – turned overpriced store.

with necklaces which look like they were inspired by the headpiece

that jesus wore on the cross.


a vintage store on via dei maggi,

so packed i couldn’t get in.

but they look like they’re having fun…


some gelato from this café

(i don’t recommend it)

(gelateria santa trinità so-oh much better)


a nauseatingly adorable couple…


…sat above the murky autumnal waters of florence.


a student protest which i’m pretty sure i protest against

(they all looked so whiney)


a rude waiter at the pop café on piazza santo spirito.

(not in photo due to my own sense of decency)

(and i was scared he would yell at me)

(also, this café is shit. don’t go.)


finally found the name of that store where i bought the sherry glasses!

the name is basically invisible (and only says ‘interior designer)

but the store head board thing above door is cool so we will let them off.


funny sticker on a street sign.

(oh, and there’s phil’s head!

hey phil!)

now, as you can tell from those pics, that weekend on oltrarno was a little bit boring. (i kinda bored myself writing this post) (don’t worry, tomorrow, something waaaaaaay cool is coming up)

except, if you thought i had a bad time you would be so, so so so wrong. after weeks of running around like a headless chicken, i, literally, could not have asked for a more relaxing, eventless weekend. and more importantly, this was made possible by one amazing thing:

leslie knope

yep, that’s you leslie knope.

my hero.

knight-ress in normal-looking pant suit.

soul sister.

‘parks and recreation’ (tv series)

seasons 1-6

buy the box set on amazon.


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