as i mentioned a few weeks ago, breakfast, my favourite meal, is tough in florence. their pastries are too sweet; their bread is weird; and i’m so over cereal. from where i stood, the future looked pretty bleak. (in terms of breakfast, in any case) those were tough days…

and then, one morning, i decided to think outside the box: rather than try to get everything from one place (spremuta, espresso, pastry), why not get it from two places?! i know, i know, pure genius.

so now, when i leave the house in the morning, i turn right, walk 50 meters and enter the pasticcheria boulangerie on the corner of via delle caldaie and piazza santo spirito. it’s very simple: everything inside is absolutely delicious. i order a little brioche with chocolate chips in it, and go on with my merry way. on the other side of piazza santo spirito, i keep walking past the church. at the end of that street, just before turning left onto the ponte santa trinita, there is a caffé santa trinita. i’d grabbed a caffè from there on my first day, but hadn’t gone back since. (fool) this time, armed with my brioche in a bag, i got in line: one caffè, one spremuta. within 3 minutes, i’m sat enjoying the best bloody spremuta i have ever had. the skies opened, angels sang, etc.

so there: my morning routine, combining the forno pintucci and the caffé santa trinità.

you can enjoy it inside,


on a plate.


or outside,


on a bridge.

forno pintucci

via delle caldaie, 12

caffè santa trinità

via de maggi, 2

(also, may i just say:

it is thundering and raining very, very hard outside.

but i will leave the house,

and i will have my breakfast.)


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