a couple years ago, a friend of mine who was living in florence at the time planned a trip to come see me in london: ‘shall i book a place for dinner?’ i asked. ‘yes, please. but my god, no italian food!’ this, to me, was lunacy. how could you ever have too much italian food?! of course i listened to him, though, and we went to an american diner place. still, he was clearly insane.

two years on, in week 7 of my year in florence, i look back onto that memory: oh, how foolish i was! the problem is two-fold:

– i have turned into a walking carbohydrate

– i crave options: sushi, pad thai, curry, burgers, etc…

in honour of this, i will use today’s post to advertise… a pasta restaurant. because that’s what life’s like out here. you are desperate for non-italian food, but you’re probably going to have to settle for it.

tamero is a restaurant on santo spirito piazza which specialises in pasta. the cool design, hip music and possibility of outdoor seating make it a good stop in the area. i’ve tasted a few dishes from there: the spinach and ricotta ravioli; the sausage pici; the porcini paparedelle. all lip-smackin’ good. their platter of selected meats and cheeses is also a pretty good value (but you’ll need to be more than 2 people!)

so yes, when i was there, i thought it was delightful. but here, on the streets of florence, the carb-overload-aftermath is always something to feared…


ooooh, cool open kitchen in black & white filter


mmmm tasty wine


love.those.ceiling lights.


(that’s what we need above our dining room table!!!!!!!)


piazza santo spirito, 11


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